Our clients in Switzerland, Germany and abroad recommend us. However, we are discrete about our client base and shy away from talking about them.


Dr. Manfred Stüttgen

Manfred Stuettgen acts as an advisor to banks, asset managers and foundations. His clients benefit from his 20-years track record in advising clients and managing large-scale projects with firms such as McKinsey & Company, Deutsche Bank and UBS. From 2006–2013 he was a Managing Director with Credit Suisse where he led a global marketing organisation of private banking, asset management and investment banking professionals. In 2014 he founded YNVESTOR.

Network Partners

YNVESTOR helps banks, asset managers and foundations based on scientific evidence. Our partners are professional advisors with strong academic credentials, intellectual power and a 20-years’ track record as independent entrepreneurs.

Dr. Andreas Beck

Andreas Beck helps banks and asset managers to improve client advice and investment processes based on scientific insights. As a mathematician, risk management expert and specialist in capital market theory he is a sought out advisor to financial services firms. He is founding partner of the Institut fuer Vermoegensaufbau (IVA).




Dr. Urs Blattmann

Urs Blattmann helps banks to improve operations and technology. He serves his clients on topics such as business process redesign, IT, sourcing, efficiency improvement and cost reduction. He is Managing Director of Blattmann & Partner.




Dr. Harry Hürzeler

Harry Hürzeler helps banks with development projects for their client advisors. As a long-time Director of the Swiss Finance Institute Harry has taught more than 2’500 Private Banking experts from around the world. The graduate of business administration and mathematics is a sought out trainer and program director, and he is the principal of Hurzeler Management.




Stefan Pap

Stefan Pap helps retail banks, card payment providers, and insurance companies to implement transformational change programs. He has globally delivered product-market-strategies for his clients and has a solid track record in managing complex multi-stakeholder engagements.

Stefan holds an Executive Master in Change Management from INSEAD and an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management. He is the managing partner of Stefan Pap & Partners.


Gordon Adler

Dr. Gordon Adler

Gordon Adler helps managers and leaders improve their strategic communication skills. Being an American and Swiss citizen he inspires creativity and precision in communication processes. More than 6’000 business people from 150 companies across industries have benefited from his expertise. His clients value his support in strategic- and leadership communication, business storytelling, team effectiveness and leadership presence. Gordon is the managing owner of Adlerway Communication.

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